RC "Serdce Stolitsy"
Type of dwelling
Apartment in a new building
For whom
What was important for the client
Project's features
Young couple without children
The client asked to make the interior as functional as possible, with fully-featured kitchen-dinner, separate bedroom and guest room, that would be able to make into children's room.
Wall finishing is combined: one part of the cover was painted; another part was covered with decorative concrete-imitating plaster.

In the bedroom design we used classic boiserie wall panels with futher finishing with decorative plaster.

In the living room we made an emphasis niche for the tv: the surface behind it is covered with stoneware slabs that imitate black veined marble. the niche is spectacularly illuminated with an led strip with various colourways.

The entrance to the bathroom is from the bedroom through the walk-in dressing room.
What an interior turned out
A modern and functional interior where the main tones are warm grey. we added colour with the help of furniture: so a dark marsh coloured sofa and intensive navy blue armchairs appeared in the living room. moreover, we added a carpet with a geometric ornament of cold blue-turquoise colour.