RC "Serdce Stolitsy"
Type of dwelling
Аpartment in a new building
For whom
What was important for the client
Project's features
Уoung couple without children
The clients like modern style in the interior design without intensive colour and texture decisions, usage of classic elements such as wall moldings and ceiling cornice.
To rarefy classic elements we added built-in doors without trims almost up to the ceiling; besides, the decorative partition that separate the large-size living room looks modern.

The kitchen floor covering made of black glossy porcelain stoneware slabs with brass inlays corresponds with the decorative partition, creating a unified composition.

What an interior turned out
Gorgeous view from the window is one of the most significant focus points not only for living room but also for the entire apartment. the task not to outshine this view with over-intense interior was completely done: the interior design turned out to be neutral, but at the same time interesting and original.