Type of dwelling
Apartment in a new building
For whom
What was important for the client
Project's features
A married couple with an adult daughter
Our heroes have chosen this residential complex because of the combination of beautiful, modern architecture and classic, laconic decorative elements on the facades of the building.

It is this principle that we took as a basis for interior design

A play of contrasts between warm beige tones and cool shades of blue runs through the entire interior.

The blue tone resembles the sky and the water surface of the city on the Neva, and the warm beige adds coziness and warmth.

The entrance hall meets with a spectacular wall decoration, behind the console, with wallpaper imitating the streaks of the water surface. The interior door leaves are straight, without panels - with beige oak veneer trim.

Art objects are located in almost all rooms of the apartment. These are various figurines on pedestals, paintings. For example, in the hallway and children's room, special niches in the wall.

The Kitchen-Living Room boasts luxurious flooring of modular tinted oak wicker parquetry, and the bedroom with unusual designer wallpaper with a textured surface imitating Saharan straw

What an interior turned out
The interior is filled with interesting design accents, but at the same time it has not lost the individuality inherent only to its residents