RC "Headliner"
Type of dwelling
Apartment in a new building
For whom
What was important for the client
Project's features
A young girl
From the very beginning the client said that she likes the baroque, rococo style. the apartment is not very large but with the help of proper proportions and high ceilings, we managed to create an effective planning.
Classic elements such as plaster cornices and wall moldings are mixed with fuchsia wallpapers and intensive geometric ornament.

A floor covering imitates palace, modular parquet, and in the hallway area there is a mosaic carpet.

The ceilings are also distinguished by originality: in the living room caisson is separately illuminated and decorated with real baroque paintings, and the hallway is illuminated with a stained-glass ceiling.
What an interior turned out
A modern and functional interior where the main tones are warm grey. we added colour with the help of furniture: so a dark marsh coloured sofa and intensive navy blue armchairs appeared in the living room. moreover, we added a carpet with a geometric ornament of cold blue-turquoise colour.