Residential Complex "Barrin House"
Type of dwelling
For whom
What was important for the client
Project's features
The client is a successful professional athlete in the past. she prefers oriental ornamental atmosphere and hollywood luxury style of the 30-40s. During the design process, we decided to mix these two worlds.

From the very beginning of our communication, the client often mentioned a symbol of peacock, which she would like to see in the interior design of her apartment. We quickly found a solution. A large open wall in the living room was decorated with monumental gypsum panel with the couple of regal peacocks.
The theme of peacocks and their attributes – luxuriant tails – can be found in the interior of the entire apartment. for example, in the living room near the gypsum panel there is a decorative partition where all the glass elements, made according to a special technology called "tiffany", make up an ornament "a peacock tail", and in the main bathroom – above the tub – there is a panel with the same ornament made of marble mosaic with brass inlays. Floor covering is decorated with a black-and-white panel with a severe geometric ornament. The walls in the whole apartment are decorated with wooden boiserie, painted in a soft light tone.
What an interior turned out
The interior turned out to be unique and worthy of being ranked with the best historical analogues of the last great style of the xxth century.
Apartment in a new building